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Hidden Nature by Goro Fujita


The Light Trees were created by Bill Watson, an Electronics Design Engineer working in San Diego, CA. Bill has been providing design services to clients for over 35 years, delivering successful state-of-the-art projects in many areas. He specializes in programmable logic and high speed digital design, and has a very wide range of skills that cover all aspects of electronics.  Lately he has been doing a lot of software development for controlling the trees.

Art also has always been an integral part of Bill's life. He showed artistic talent early in school, and won awards for drawing, model making and ceramics.  Later in college, Bill spent much of his spare time studying art at the campus art library and creating various art projects.

Bill loves being creative, and has a talent for fabrication and construction, and bringing ideas into physical reality in an artistic way that is direct, well-made and conveys the desired result.